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Snake Slither is a free simple app based around the classic Snake game. Slither Collect glowing orbs while avoiding other players to climb the leader board and claim your high score. Classic revisited
Following in the path of the original Nokia mobile game, Snake Slither tasks players with growing and avoiding obstacles. Starting as a small snake with fast reactions, you are let loose on a huge map with hundreds of other players. Collecting the glowing orbs increases the size and score of your snake but also reduces the speed. This simple gameplay becomes highly addictive, great for quick games with friends for Slither apk download or beating high scores. As your skill improves, snakes become huge and unwieldy, creating new challenge and obstacles. Just as with the original Snake game, Snake Slither is best played in short bursts rather than extended sessions. The app is a direct mod of the popular website, creating some issues with lagging inputs. Slow snakes
Snake Slither is a strangely addictive game which harks back to the original mobile game. The website featuring the game has become a cult hit with millions trying their luck among the glowing orbs. This app version, however, is slower and less precise and offers no real advantages over the actual site.
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