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RIME is an adventure-puzzle video game developed for gaming consoles, as well as Microsoft Windows 10. RiME As a single-player game, you play as a boy who has been washed ashore on a mysterious island after an especially wicked storm. Surrounded by wild animals and wildlife, your goal is to explore the island and reach the tower that calls to you. With the help of a fox, you'll unlock the secrets of the island and discover why you’re really there. Explore and discover
Like the boy in the game, learning about RIME and the island that features as the main location takes some exploring and it’s one of the big draws of the game. At your own pace, you can discover and interact with wildlife and find hidden items that will help you for RiME apk download along your way. Even taking in the sights and sounds is enough to keep gamers occupied. To unlock more of the island and discover the ancient ruins, you must complete a series of puzzles that feature sounds, lights, platforming and even time-manipulation. With each new item you collect and place you discover, you’ll learn more about the boy’s backstory and uncover valuable secrets. Intuitive gameplay
RIME’s uniqueness comes mostly from its enchanting yet mysterious island. This world, inspired by the Mediterranean, is beautiful and captivating. Walking around the island and living in that world is natural and an extension of your own being. Together with music and colour, RIME offers players a one-of-a-kind experience on all fronts. Download and install Windows App file - SoftLot.com.

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