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Can You Escape is a puzzle game that is available to play on tablets and Smartphones. Can You Escape Players find themselves trapped alone in a room with the only way of escaping being through a locked door. The key to escaping is hidden somewhere in the room and can only be discovered by solving a series of head scratching and in many cases rather innovative puzzles. Putting Your Brain to the Test
At each and every level of Can You Escape, players find themselves in a different room. They have to find different objects by checking out every area of the room and working out how the different objects that they for Can You Escape apk download uncover can be used. For example, in one corner of a painting is a date, which turns out to be the combination to a locked box that when the correct combination is inserted will reveal the key card that will make the elevator work and will take gamers to the next room where fresh puzzles await. Will You Get Out?
Anyone who has a love for puzzle games and putting their brain to work should make sure that they check out Can You Escape. The variety of puzzles and interesting ways of solving them are sure to delight some gamers, while people who tend to get frustrated easily may quickly discover that this is not the game for them.
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