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Bestluck is a story-rich puzzle game that has oodles of atmosphere and a fair amount of narrative mystery. BestLuck Many of the puzzles are environment based. For example, one of the first levels features a series of doors that you have to run through, open and close to mirror the progress of what could be your female companion. It is a puzzle game that is very different from most other puzzle games, which is what they said about Portal when that puzzle game first came out. A single character in a series of atmospheric places
You play via a third-person perspective when you play Bestluck. Your job is to solve the various puzzles you are presented with while you explore a number of creepy and atmospheric locations. The graphics are not rich and detailed, but they are for BestLuck apk download nicely rounded and shaded so that the lack of character detail does not interfere with your gameplay experience. The story is somewhat of a love story, which is made more poignant by the fact you are guided around by a woman that the character is in love with. It is good for somebody who is looking for something different
Online reviewers are having trouble comparing it to other games because it doesn’t really look or play like any other game. If anything, it is a mash-up of elements from different games, such as how your character moves the same way the early Hitman characters moves, and the puzzles are environment-based like the old Abe’s Odyssey games. Bestluck is mostly suitable for puzzle-loving gamers who have seen it all and are looking for something a bit different.
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