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Latest TinyTask App Download.
TinyTask is a small free utility that allows you to automate repetitive tasks on your computer. TinyTask To do this, you simply record the process using the tool's interface and then turn it into a small macro you can click use to do the job in the future. If you frequently have to do the same process over and over -- during troubleshooting, for instance -- this is a handy tool for reducing it to a single click. No-frills task automation
TinyTask is a free utility that comes in a very small file. That's a good thing, but it definitely shows in terms of what you see when you open it up. The whole tool consists for TinyTask apk download of a single tiny window with a row of icons in it. If you're used to software holding your hand through a process, this could be a little confusing. The good news is that there isn't much to be confused about; after a few tries, you'll have it mastered. Simply click on the record icon, then carry out the task you want to automate. The tool will record the keystrokes, clicks and mouse movements you make. End the recording and you'll be able to export it as a macro. Simple but effective
TinyTask is free, simple and effective. If turning a long series of keystrokes into a single click sounds useful to you, check it out. Download and install Windows app file on

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