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Latest Version: 2.4.1
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Download the latest version of Novo Desktop Streamer Education and Reference App for Windows.

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Latest Novo Desktop Streamer App Download.
Novo Desktop for Chrome is an application which enables users to seamlessly integrate their ChromeBook with a Novo device. Novo Desktop Streamer This can be an excellent choice for video sharing or during collaborative learning situations such as webinars. Due to the universal nature of this bundle, additional devices such as iPads, Macs and standard personal computers are also supported. Primary Features and Usability
Novo Desktop for Chrome is able to connect up to 64 users at the same time; perfect for group sessions or virtual learning courses. It is primarily meant to be employed within a BYOD (bring your own device) environment. This system for Novo Desktop Streamer apk download is also unique due to the fact that up to four different screens may be displayed simultaneously. Recent improvements have added streaming YouTube videos as well as the ability to adjust screen quality (sometimes important with limited amounts of bandwidth). Other Accessories and Tools
Novo Desktop for Chrome includes a polling feature that can be used within classroom settings. Other options such as file sharing, streaming audio files and the possibility for the moderator to hide session information have further streamlined the overall experience. Thanks to a file size of only 1.1 megabytes, even operating systems with little available memory should not be affected. Download and install Windows app file on

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