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Lady Popular is a browser-based strategy game that will appeal to young girls everywhere. Lady Popular
If shopping, going to the beauty salon and dancing the night away in clubs is your idea of fun, you’re sure to love Lady Popular. The aim of this browser game is to increase your popularity by making yourself as intelligent, pretty and rich as possible. You can then compare yourself to other players, evening challenging them to contests to move up the Lady Popular ranks.
The customizability of your Lady Popular avatar is one of the best features of the game. You can change almost any aspect – hairstyles, tans, clothes, pets, her apartment, job and even boyfriend. The game stats and levels are displayed clearly across the for Lady Popular apk download top of the screen, and players aim to become more popular without harming their health, happiness or bank balance.
Lady Popular is easy to sign up for, and doesn’t require a long registration process. The game suggests that users under 13 show it to their parents, but there are no other controls on signing up. Be aware that there is also a feature where you can use a credit card to buy extra credits.
We can see how Lady Popular will appeal to many users – especially the ability to personalize your avatar. Just bear in mind, however, that some of the ideals and goals in the game don’t reflect everyone’s opinions, and some may find it downright insulting.
If dancing, flirting and makeovers are your thing, you’ll love Lady Popular. Best Web-apps on Lady Popular Online.

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    Advantages: Very detailed, Really customizable avatars, Lots of challenges and goals

    Disadvantages: Lots of waiting time, Transmits values that are not to everyone's taste

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