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Dark Age of Camelot is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game which is set in the years following King Arthur's death and which pits Celts against Britons against Norsemen. Dark Age Of Camelot Option rich gameplay
For players who are seeking an MMORPG that has plenty of depth to it, Dark Age of Camelot certainly fits the bill. You can play as a member of many different tribes – referred to as races in the game – that inhabited the British Isles after the reign of King Arthur and the Roman occupation. Want to play as an ancient Briton, or perhaps you fancy the role of an invader from the north? It is entirely up to you. In common with other sorts of role-playing games of this genre, the character you start out with will only for Dark Age Of Camelot apk download possess a few skills to begin with but you can soon expand on these as you make progress. Perhaps you'll find an ancient relic and gain unusual magical powers? There are three different realms (per server) to explore – from the rough terrain of Midgard to the luscious green valleys of the Celtic areas. There are plenty of quests to complete and a combat system which is not weighted too favourably on the side of established players – great new for newcomers! An established MMORPG
As Dark Age of Camelot has been around for a long time, there are lots of things to learn but the upside is that other players will genuinely help you to make progress. Interaction and social play are encouraged and the developers have a useful customer service platform, too. Best Web-apps on SoftLot.com. Dark Age Of Camelot Online.

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    Advantages: In-depth world that feels real, Large gaming area

    Disadvantages: No quick gaming shortcuts, Requires a long time to download the client

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