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Atomic Puzzle is a relaxing but fun puzzle game you can play in your browser. Atomic Puzzle
Fans of interactive puzzle games like Cut the Rope will enjoy this low-key game that lets you sit back and think through your actions every step of the way.
In Atomic Puzzle, you're given a set of atoms that are connected by a single strand each. The aim of Atomic Puzzle is to make identically colored atoms collide by cutting the strands that separate them. Once they collide, they'll disappear. In order to advance to the next level, for Atomic Puzzle apk download you need to make every atom on the board disappear by severing strands in the correct order.
Atomic Puzzle's graphics are simplistic but effective . The game also comes with soothing music that can be turned off in one click if you prefer. You also have the option to publish your results to Facebook .
There are 50 levels in Atomic Puzzle and some can seem impossibly tricky. Thankfully, the game provides a walkthrough if you get stuck.
Atomic Puzzle is a fun and surprisingly relaxing puzzle game that gets addictive quickly. Best Web-apps on Atomic Puzzle Online.

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    Advantages: Challenging but fun, Provides walkthroughs if you get stuck, Calming music, Lots of levels

    Disadvantages: Some levels are impossibly tricky