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Alganon is a great example of an MMO game that blends modern gaming innovations and classic MMORPG elements fairly well. Alganon Similar to most MMORPGs, Alganon entails character progression, experience acquired with levels, and skills training. Players can improve their character traits through passive, gated for Alganon apk download study that stays even after a character goes offline. The game is not based on any template but scratch-designed to offer an all-new MMO gaming experience. The gameplay isn’t the most exciting; it could be a bit tad boring for some, in fact. But if you enjoy playing MMO games, you should find Alganon quite engaging. Download and install Web App app file on

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    Advantages: Classic MMORPG with a modern twist, Several hundred players can play simultaneously

    Disadvantages: May not appeal to new-age gamers, Seems like a blatant World of Warcraft (WoW) rip-off

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