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YouTube Video Editor Online.
The YouTube Video Editor is a basic but effective video editor that both young people and adults may use. YouTube Video Editor It is not full of features but it has all the basic requirements that an editor needs. It allows you to manipulate raw footage to increase the production values of your video. Improve Your Videos With A Simple Editor
The YouTube Video Editor allows you to cut your videos into sections and then move those sections around. You may delete sections you may crop the video size and you may add transitional effects. You are able to add links into your videos and you are also able to add text. You may also give your viewer the chance to remove for YouTube Video Editor apk download the text you place over the video if you choose the correct type of text box. The editor itself is streamlined and sleek. It isn't very feature rich but that helps to keep the program simple enough for younger people to use. Conclusion - It Works Well And Does Its Job
The YouTube Video Editor is not a sophisticated piece of technology and it is not going to win any awards for movie editing. However it has more than enough functions and features to please most amateur video makers. It isn't buggy and unlike other editors it will not freeze up half way through so that you lose your work. It is not fantastic but it is not bad either. It is a fine option for YouTube enthusiasts. Best Web-apps on

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    Advantages: Adding text captions is very easy, Cutting up your video is very easy, The program's tools are easy to figure out and understand

    Disadvantages: It is not advanced enough for intermediate and above editors, The interface is uncomplicated to the point of being oversimplified, You can only tweak larger elements which means you cannot make micro changes

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