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uTorrent Remote is a handy web app that lets you control uTorrent when you're not at your computer . uTorrent Remote It's free, easy to set up, and well worth your time.
First, create an account using the uTorrent Remote options on your desktop client (uTorrent Remote works on both Mac and PC ).
You'll need a computer name and password and, if you want, a security question, so you can change computers if necessary. Then access https://remote.utorrent.com/ , login and you'll have access to your torrents, no matter for uTorrent Remote apk download where you are.
The uTorrent Remote interface is very user friendly and how it works will be clear to anyone who uses uTorrent. It's not quite as polished as the desktop apps, but it is almost as complete, letting you do pretty much anything you can do on your computer. Just remember that to use it, your computer needs to be on and uTorrent needs to be running. If you're the type of user who leave the computer on 24/7, this means that uTorrent Remote is perfect for you. uTorrent Remote is the perfect complement for uTorrent users. Best Web-apps on SoftLot.com. uTorrent Remote Online.

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    Advantages: Accesible from any web browser, Interface very similar to uTorrent, Real time actions

    Disadvantages: None so far