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Taste Online.
Taste is a free and straightforward tool that will give you movie recommendations based on your personal taste in films. Taste It initially gauges your interests by asking you to take a straightforward quiz: you will be given the names of a string of random films, and asked to for Taste apk download rate each one as 'Amazing', 'Good', 'Meh', 'Awful' or 'Haven't Seen'. From here, the site will build a profile, and give you regularly-updated recommendations; as you watch and rate the films, the site will continue to gauge your tastes and tighten the accuracy of its recommendations. Best Web-apps on SoftLot.com.

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    Advantages: Taking the quiz is short and painless, A sophisticated way to get tailor-made film recommendations

    Disadvantages: You may prefer to get your recommendations elsewhere, Can be slow at times

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