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Pleo Online.
Pleo is a special app that companies can give to their employees to allow them to make work related purchases. Pleo While employees will have the freedom to buy the things that they need to do their job, employers will be able to see exactly what is being purchased and put limits on the spending where necessary. Keeping Track of Your Expenses
One of the great things about Pleo is that the app is that employers can track expenses in real time. Images of receipts and bills can be snapped and uploaded to the system so that employers can check them out almost instantly. Of course, this is also a real bonus for the employees as well, for Pleo apk download as they are likely to receive the funds that they need much more quickly and the communication channel between employers and employees will be much more open and straightforward. No More Inflated Expenses
Companies that regular pay their employees expenses for things such as travel and accommodation when on the road are likely to find that Pleo is a very useful app. Instead of having to simply take the word of employees for how much things cost, they will actually be able to review the receipts as soon as they arise. Companies will be able to keep track of these expenses much more easily and manage their budget more effectively. Best Web-apps on

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    Advantages: Packed with useful features, Free to download and use

    Disadvantages: Some employees may find it difficult to use, Can be a bit restrictive

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