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Tracking performance indicators is essential for understanding the effectiveness of your web presence. Piwik Piwik is an open-source analytics platform with user-centric insights and customisable features. It lets you easily track visits, downloads, keywords, and more. You can also see which of your products are selling well and track other e-commerce metrics. The free software also lets users retain complete ownership of their data while maintaining their privacy. How to use Piwik
You can download the software and upload content to your serve or get the PRO version and use a cloud-hosted server while retaining full ownership of your data. While the downloadable version is free, the cloud-based option is only free for a 30-day trial. There is also a free mobile app, letting you check your stats at any time from any location. This programme is ideal for web analytics, making it easier for you to collect and analyse information for Piwik apk download about your website’s users. It is also designed for e-commerce analytics, allowing you to analyse orders, revenues, order values, product statistics and conversion rates. There is also the ability to better understand web server log data and analyse this information using Piwik. You are also able to use the software with secure intranet websites. Giving you more control over your data
With real-time data updates and a customisable dashboard, Piwik offers plenty of features that can be tailored to your needs. You can quickly track events, content, searches, user locations, page transitions, website speed, user interactions, and much more. Unlike Google Analytics, it gives you greater control and ownership of your data. At the same time, the software does not offer the same range of in-depth features and ease of use. You need to understand your server environment and how to import raw data to make the most of this software. Best Web-apps on SoftLot.com. Piwik Online.

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    Advantages: Customisable and easy to use data reports, Data ownership

    Disadvantages: Lacks unique and in-depth features found in similar products like Google Analytics, Requires technical knowledge of server environment