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Latest Version: 1.0
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Latest Moonfruit online Download.
MoonFruit is a free website creation service. Moonfruit Create new websites in seconds using a drag and drop style interface focused on popular designs. Coding without the code
After a period of 16 years offering free websites and accounts, MoonFruit moved towards a purely subscription service. This means that after free creation and 14 day trial, all websites then require a monthly fee or face deletion. These plans range in price, each offering a different level of storage and bandwidth. Designing professional sites is made as simple as possible, with content based around the increasingly popular card construction. Sites can be for Moonfruit apk download made without any prior coding knowledge by simply filling and adapting these cards with content. While these kind of sites are seen all over the web, it can be difficult to create something truly unique using MoonFruit. They do offer the ability to insert custom code but this somewhat negates the point of using this kind of service. Business choice
MoonFruit is one of the most straightforward services available to create websites. While their move towards subscriptions and the availability of free alternatives may discourage some, they are a cost-effective choice for smaller businesses looking for a professional service. A decent service. Download and install Web App app file on

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    Advantages: Free creation and trial, Simple design

    Disadvantages: Sites tend to look similar, Lack of extended free option

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