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Google Play Music is an all-purpose music player and storage app that you can access virtually anywhere with an internet connection. Google Play Music
If you've ever wished you could store your favorite songs on other computers for your own enjoyment, Google Play Music is going to be a welcome addition to your arsenal of audio apps. This handy service will let you do just that and more.
Diehard iTunes fans might express skepticism of Google Play Music as being overkill. Google Play Music is actually a wonderful complement to iTunes.
Instead of allowing you to buy music or offering you song suggestions, Google Play Music lets you upload the songs you already own into cloud storage so you can access it anywhere, even if you don't have your MP3 player with you. Users can even download the lightweight Music Manager for Google Play Music apk download that will make uploading songs in bulk even easier (yes, even from iTunes!).
In addition, Google Play Music also has a few extra handy features. These include the ability to create instant mixes from your music in one click by choosing a song you want Google Play Music to craft your instant mix around, the ability to create playlists, and optional free song packs to be uploaded to your library in a few simple clicks. In this way it makes a perfect compliment to any desktop audio player you may have already installed.
Google Play Music is accessible with your Google account, but Google Play Music is currently only available to users in the United States as well.
A wonderful complement to desktop audio players, Google Play Music is a must-have for music enthusiasts who want access to their music virtually anywhere they go. Best Web-apps on Google Play Music Online.

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    Advantages: Includes optional free song packs, Easy to use interface, Option to download a desktop music uploader, Nice graphical representations of album art, One-click instant mixes

    Disadvantages: Doesn't transfer already-made playlists with the upload, Has problems recognizing Unicode

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