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Bitbucket is a web service utilising a distributed version control system powered by Git that allows for easy version control and shared access to code bases. Bitbucket By using Bitbucket, developers can not only simultaneously work on code bases without disruption, but they can also share that code publicly so that other developers can both use their code and help improve it themselves. How do developers use Bitbucket?
Code repositories and version control enable developers to tackle large code bases without losing progress or irreparably breaking things. Every time a developer commits a change to a code base, Bitbucket stores a copy of that file so that it for Bitbucket apk download can always be accessed by anyone. Other features such as branching, diff views, deployment tools and third party integrations all allow developers to work and track code neatly and deploy seamlessly. Inline discussions enable developers to communicate on specific code sections and desktop clients allow developers less familiar with the Git CLI to get working without any steep learning curves. Conclusion
Once code bases and development teams begin to grow in size, they can quickly become unwieldy. Being able to track copies of code, see when new code is commited and by whom as well as deploy directly from version control are all incredibly handy tools for programmers. Best Web-apps on Bitbucket Online.

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    Advantages: Enables developers to easily maintain complicated code bases, Uses standard Git technology which is familiar to many developers

    Disadvantages: Significant learning curve for brand new developers, Arguably less popular than its main competitor Github

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