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Beaver Builder is a plugin that allows you to create a WordPress web site or blog post using a simple visual interface rather than the default WordPress tool. Beaver Builder Using this software, you can see what the final result of your work will look like right away rather than having to continually preview and then edit your work. It also includes a WordPress theme that's designed to work with the plugin's features. Page design made simple(r)
Once you've installed Beaver Builder, you'll see a new Page Builder tab appear in your WordPress editing tool. Click on this and you'll be taken into the plugin's interface. You can either create for Beaver Builder apk download a page or post from scratch or use one of the many available templates as a starting point. If you create a new page design you can save it as a template for later reuse. The interface is clear and simple: you move visual elements, text boxes, links and other features around the screen until you've got the design you're satisfied with. Move your mouse over a feature and a small tool menu will appear. Even with the simple interface, there's a lot to learn here, so don't expect to master it immediately. A strong choice for WordPress editing
If your site runs on WordPress but you find design and editing a challenge, Beaver Builder could be a helpful tool. Best Web-apps on Beaver Builder Online.

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    Advantages: Theme optimised for mobile viewing, Simple drag-and-drop visual interface

    Disadvantages: Lack of in-line text editing feature, Still some learning curve

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