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AutoCAD 360 is a simple, free app that allo360 you to view, edit and share AutoCAD files online in DWG and DXF format. AutoCAD 360
Note that AutoCAD 360 is not the full AutoCAD package for Mac but AutoCAD 360 offers all the basics in order view, edit and collaborate with other CAD professionals on your designs. With it you can open your files, upload them to your online account and even sync them with your AutoCAD 360 mobile app.
You for AutoCAD 360 apk download can perform basic editing such as plotting your DWG files as a PDF or DWFx with control over plot styles, paper sizes, layouts etc. You can also download AutoCAD drawings in AutoCAD 360 in order to work offline. Note that you have to be a bit careful with the size of your AutoCAD files as AutoCAD 360 imposes an upload limit on how big your files can be.
AutoCAD 360 is a powerful tool for sharing and basic editing of AutoCAD files on Mac. Best Web-apps on AutoCAD 360 Online.

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    Advantages: Great for basic editing of DWG and DXF, Prints in PDF format, Easy to share AutoCAD designs, Allows you to work offline

    Disadvantages: Limited file size when uploading