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I have to warn you beforehand: this game could literally turn you crazy. Tangle Your goal in Tangle is to move dots around with your mouse to untangle the different lines on your screen. As soon as you select a dot it will turn orange and the dots which are immediately connected to it will turn red. You'll have to move the lines around until they untangle. No easy feat, I can tell you.
The game mixes logic with speed, which make it much more exciting. You can play online with other players and challenge them at speed games or more for Tangle apk download complex expert games. In Tangles possibilities are unlimited simply because there is no ending to the game. Shapes will get more complex as you progress, coming to a point where you're trying to untangle what pretty much looks like a ball of yarn. If you really insist though, you can try to play as far as you can and then compare your score on the online leaderboard. You'll also get a medal if you manage to finish some levels fast enough.
Tangle is a fun and original logic game where you have to untangle shapes as quickly as you can.
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