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SnapNDrag Pro is a screenshot capture and organisation app that lakes you take screenshots from your computer and then immediately share or organise them. SnapNDrag Pro You can simply drag the screenshot into any other app that would accept an image -- such as Finder or Mail -- or you can rename it and file it in a folder for later reference. Does what it says on the label
SnapNDrag Pro isn't a complex app, but it does what it sets out to do admirably. Unlike some other screenshot apps, it can take screenshots from secondary displays easily, which gives you more options for screenshot use and reduces the need for editing. You can also choose among a for SnapNDrag Pro apk download number of different screenshot options, each with its own keybinding. Each screenshot you take simply appears in the app's window: from there, you can drag it into another app if you want to or assign it to a file folder. You can also open images for annotation, although this automatically invokes Preview rather than your preferred image editing app. One nice feature of annotation is that you automatically retain the original screenshot as well as the annotated version. Simple and versatile
If you regularly find yourself taking screenshots to show or share with others, SnapNDrag Pro is a great way of simplifying the process. If not, it might not be much use to you.
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