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Latest SimCity App Download.
SimCity for Mac is finally here! SimCity for Mac features new graphics and gameplay but the principle remains the same - build your own city and provide residents with everything they need to help your city thrive. SimCity Single and multiplayer mode
When you start Sim City, you can either join a populated region which will have other online players in or start a fresh region yourself. However, the cities are limited in size, and SimCity is more fun when you have multiple cities that cooperate and specialize.
Whether you prefer to play alone or with others, it's enjoyable, but it's clearly designed more with multiplayer in mind. However, the biggest gripe with Sim City for Mac is that you cannot play without being connected to EA's servers which had several teething problems on the PC version for SimCity apk download and it's shame that you can't just play offline. Incredible detail
Sim City for Mac is beautifully designed with an incredible amount of information and detail that really brings your city alive. You can even learn about every individual resident's wishes and concerns, obtain stats on almost anything and check out neighbors to see how they might complement you or offer you services. Great graphics and sound
SimCity looks great and you can make the game look the way you want. When you're zoomed in, the detail and animation is great even down to each and every resident that seem to have their own personality. Conclusion
SimCity for Mac is an excellent and impressive game. However, SimCity only really thrives in multiplayer mode, and whether you enjoy that will dictate how much you like the game. Download and install Mac app file on

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