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Screen Snake is a very simple game to be played on a Windows device. Screen Snake It is based on the early mobile game that became famous on Nokia phones in the 90s. You are able to play it on a screen interface on your desktop computer and recapture a few nostalgic memories. Make Your Snake Bigger By Eating Boxes
Install the game and you are given two options. One is to play the game and the other is to set your preferences. The interface is a slightly stylized window on your screen. You may set the game where you may play in a small windowed box or you may play Screen Snake on full screen mode. You control a line of black boxes with a white square in the middle of each box. A single box will appear on the for Screen Snake apk download screen and you have to direct your line of boxes (your snake) towards it without hitting the sides of the screen. If you hit the side of the screen or if you run into your own snake body then you lose the game. You have to collect small boxes which then add to the size of your snake which then makes your job of avoiding a collision a little harder. Conclusion - Play This Game If You Enjoyed The 90s Game
The Screen Snake game is a great game for people that wish to remember the good old days when phone games such as snake were popular around the world. If you have played the game in the past then you may have a nice time re-living a few snake memories. If you have never played the game you may struggle to see the appeal.
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