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Download the latest version of Bejeweled 3 Puzzle Game for Mac.

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Latest Bejeweled 3 App Download.
Bejeweled 3 is PopCap Game's latest version of the massively popular puzzle game. Bejeweled 3 With eight game modes, improved graphics and badges, it's the biggest Bejeweled game yet.
If you've played this gem-matching game before, you'll slip right back into Bejeweled 3. The gameplay is unchanged, but the graphics have been improved, for some impressive lightening effects and some fantastic level transitions.
Quest Mode offers 40 levels, each with a specific task to complete, like rescuing butterflies and mining diamonds. This is challenging, and keeps the the game interesting with its varied tasks. Zen for Bejeweled 3 apk download mode is a configurable game, where you can add breathing exercise, ambient sounds and even weight loss mantras to Bejeweled 3! Lightning mode is the opposite: a fast paced timed game that is anything but relaxing. Lastly there is Classic mode , that plays as usual. Completing challenges in each of these allows you to unlock four more 'secret' modes to Bejeweled 3.
With all the game modes and great looking graphics and effects, Bejeweled 3 is the best and most complete version of the series so far. Whether it's 'new' enough for seasoned players depends if they are happy with playing more of the same classic puzzle action. Download and install Mac app file on

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