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The original Tomb Raider returns in a re-release for Android, iOS, and PC. Tomb Raider I Tomb Raider is a classic, but how is this release any different from the original game? Lara's first adventure
Tomb Raider features 15 levels from places around the world like Peru, Egypt, and Greece. The purpose of this trip? Croft is tasked with finding an artifact called The Kindred. Sent on her journey by her enemy Jacqueline Natla, Lara has to survive her first big adventure.
The level design is still great, like the original. You'll have to survive dangerous jumps and run from creatures that want your blood.
Tomb Raider still conveys the feeling of the Indiana Jones movies. You are a treasure hunter trying to steal artifacts that have been hidden for years. You will have to get past traps and solve puzzles that require lots of thinking. Weird adaptation
Unfortunately the port of Tomb Raider doesn't survive for Tomb Raider I apk download the test of time.
The graphics are obviously outdated, but they look even worse because they haven't been adjusted to fit the high resolutions of current devices. There aren't any refreshed textures so you get blocky and low detailed characters and environments.
The controls are among the worst with no configuration options on PC and touchscreen controls for Android and iOS.
Tomb Raider also brings the frustrating controls of the original. Lara moves like a tank so every movement has to be planned or you're going to die repeatedly. Is this the adventure you wanted?
Tomb Raider is a classic game, but this recent release is a bad port of the original game. Can you enjoy yourself with this version? That depends on what you're looking for. If you just want to re-experience the original game, then you'll be fine. But if you're looking for a polished adventure, try Tomb Raider Anniversary or the recent franchise reboot.
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