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Finally Mario fans have a game that they game play on their mobile phone in the form of Super Mario Run. Super Mario Run This game has been launched by Nintendo on the iOS platform and is a classic runner that promises to become even bigger than Pokémon Go .
So Mario has finally made his long awaited debut on mobile. Get all the details about Super Mario Run ! Time to Get Running
Super Mario Run has managed to capture the retro look and feel of the original games and put a modern twist on it. With its very detailed and realistic graphics the game simply explodes off the screen, while the backdrop is sure to be very familiar to anyone who has ever stepped into the Mario world with the main advantage being that gamers can now enjoy the fun in the very palm of their hand.
This is the first Nintendo game to have ever been offered to mobile gamers and it is sure to pave the way for many other top titles in the future. Are You a True Mario Fan?
Why do people love Super Mario Run so much? Is it all due to nostalgia? No, it is not. Some are going to argue that nostalgia is the biggest reason people like it, but it simply isn’t true. The reason it works so well is because it is a genuine and organic upgrade of the previous games . It is an upgrade because Mario’s movement is far more fluid, and the pace of the game has been increased, but not in the “Too fast to seeing” manner that Sonic the Hedgehog was.
The game does have a few extra functions, such as being able to propel yourself from a sidewall in order to for Super Mario Run apk download change your direction of descent, but that is an upgrade that Mario was sorely in need of.
The animations are smoother, the controls are easier, and the environments are not too saturated. Nintendo has finally realized that better and more graphically enhanced backgrounds are not what the franchise needed; the franchise needed a strong re-engineering of the core game controls and functions . The game feels like an organic upgrade of the first game without adding a bunch of sparkles and screen glares.
Is the game difficult? No, it is not. The game is not as brutal as the early Mario games, but that is not a negative point. The game is not difficult because you can hone your player skills to help maintain your momentum during the game. The better you are at the game, then the less often you have to stop and analyze the environment for a safe route. Conclusions
Forget the old Mario games, pretend this is a new indie game that has just hit the market and form your opinion from that standpoint. You have to admit that this is a very addictive game and that maybe the addition of a clock was a good thing.
It should be noted that Super Mario Run is not free to download and the projected asking price is a little bit steep when compared to other games of this type. However, the game is so much fun to play and boasts such impressive graphics that anyone who is a fan of the Italian carpenter and his colourful world are not likely to mind paying for the pleasure of playing.
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