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Star Wars: Uprising is an action role-playing game set in the Star Wars Universe. Star Wars Uprising It’s basically Diablo with lightsabers - and if that isn’t enough to get both gamers and Star Wars fans excited we don’t know what is. A galactic dungeon
Star Wars: Uprising invites you to control a smuggler just after the events of Return of the Jedi. While in many ways this may seem like a time of conclusion, with the Force Awakens on the horizon it actually begins to layout small tasters of what we can expect from Episode 7.
The game consists of two elements: missions and customization . Missions are essentially dungeons where you face swarms of enemies and earn loot. After the missions you return to your den to personalize and strengthen your character. Not hugely original - as any Diablo 3 fan will testify – but it is well executed.
Star Wars: Uprising has a sizable online component . You can join other players to for Star Wars Uprising apk download crawl through dungeons and sign up for massive events to help unlock more levels. Intuitive controls
Despite being an RPG action on a touchscreen, Star Wars: Uprising controls are easy to learn and intuitive . That said, we do not recommend playing on small devices because the limited screen real-estate makes it hard to follow what is going on under your thumbs.
Graphically, Star Wars: Uprising is more than decent. There are lots of nice little touches in the various character models and plenty of art to keep you entertained during loading screens . The sound design has had a similar amount of care given to it, including noticeable changes as you approach bosses. Crush your enemies with Force
Star Wars: Uprising has great look. Plus, with the way free-to-play games evolve over time, it also offers lots of future possibilities for franchise fans . If you like to join with other players to smash all in your path, you will enjoy this a lot.
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