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Pokémon Shuffle Mobile bring the popular Nintendo franchise to mobile. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile Join Pikachu and his friends in a Candy Crush style puzzle-adventure. Combine pieces, catch ‘em all
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile combines two well-known mechanics: puzzles and combat . If you are familiar with the Puzzle Quest series then you already have a good idea of the format.
The goal is to match lines of three or more Pokémon chips to beat rivals, without going over the turn limit for the stage.
The base puzzle gameplay of Pokémon Shuffle Mobile has certain similarities with Candy Crush, but they are different. The pieces do not have to be swapped from an adjacent square but can be traded from anywhere on the board providing that the move results in a line of three, horizontal or vertical.
Beating a stage can catch you a Pokémon that then joins you as an ally in combat, appearing as a playable cards for future games.
Unfortunately, catching Pokémon is not guaranteed, but your chances of adding a new monster to your roster are increased by the number of moves you have left at the end of the stage. for Pokémon Shuffle Mobile apk download So, the better you play the faster you will build your collection – better play your cards right! Adorably addictive
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is simple to play, yet challenging enough to be addictive . Its depth comes from the use of Pokémon elemental types, so lines of one type of Pokémon can do more damage to specific monster another. Struggling against a Fire based monster? Attack it with a Water Type!
Pokémon level up as you use them , so that their attacks become more powerful. Also, on occasion, they can evolve to launch more powerful special attacks.
You can enjoy Pokémon Shuffle Mobile without spending a penny , particularly as you earn coins in game if you really need help with the more difficult stages.
Aesthetically, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile has everything you would expect from a Pokémon game: cute characters, music, and sound effects feel 100% Nintendo. A tasty Pokémon cocktail
Pokémon Shuffle Mobile mixes Pokémon and Puzzle Quest gameplay well, while insuring it keeps all of the idiosyncrasies of the Pokémon series . The result is a successful game that you can play without ever having to pay.
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