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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney brings the hilarious Japanese courtroom puzzle drama to the iPhone. Phoenix Wright It has five chapters, which add up to hours of sometimes bizarre fun.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is essentially a text-based adventure, with excellently characterized and semi-animated graphics. The touchscreen is used extensively, to check evidence, make choices and move through the dialog.
There really aren't many games like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. There isn't really any action, but it's exciting and dramatic. Although the graphics are only semi-animated, they are really expressive, and add a lot of impact and humor to the stories.
Each chapter basically has two phases, and investigation, and the courtroom. Investigating sees you moving around crime scenes, interviewing witnesses for Phoenix Wright apk download and collecting evidence. In the courtroom you face off the prosecutor, trying to find contradictions in witness statements so your defendant is found not guilty.
It is anything but boring. The dialog is hilarious, there are lots of memorable and often ridiculous characters, and some of the logic in the game is very strange. For example, if you win a case, people throw confetti in the courtroom, like at a wedding!
The only criticisms of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney are that the graphics haven't been at all updated (it's essentially a Nintendo DS port), and sometimes the puzzles are difficult because they're so strange.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is ideal for iPhone gaming, because it saves your progress automatically every time you exit, and makes great use of the touchscreen. Courtroom drama has never been better!
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