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Download last version of games "" for iphone.   Screenshots   Description is a free browser based game played with other players from around the world. It is a game of survival where you are pitted against each other to not only survive but also thrive as a creature in the merciless ocean depths. Become king of the ocean is a simple game where you begin by selecting from a small handful of creatures and get dropped in the ocean. Your goal is simply to survive and flourish, which you do by moving around with your mouse and eating up as much food as you can find. Once you've eaten enough food you can evolve and change into a different, for apk download larger animal. The choices are quite varied, ranging from fish to squid to seagull and more. Other players are likewise trying to do the same and at higher levels they can become big enough that you become food for them, so stay alert! Pitting users against each other as predator and prey adds a level of competition and excitement to an already addictive game. Survival of the fittest
For an absolutely free game that you can play in your browser, is a great way to kill some time. Its addictive nature means that you'll probably end up playing for a lot longer than you realise.
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