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Candy Crush Saga is super-sweet free strategy game for iOS. Candy Crush Saga Tiffi and Mr. Toffee need your help! Tasty gameplay
Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game where brightly colored candy takes the starring role. Your task is to link a minimum of three candies, vertically or horizontally, so that they will disappear from the game grid.
Successfully doing this will allow you to accumulate points, which will give you access to new levels. It's a well-structured game and the difficultly level is well calibrated , so you'll get just the right degree of a challenge. Don't lose your head!
When you're playing Candy Crush Saga, it's important not to get stressed by the time limits. If you do, you're likely to hit a bomb at a crucial point, loosing the game completely. Keep cool, and solve the puzzle before the time runs out! Sweet graphics
Candy Crush Saga, for Candy Crush Saga apk download as you might expect, is bright, colorful and cute . That said, we think the graphics and sound are second-rate - it looks cheap and gameplay is jumpy and ragged, which is completely unnecessary and a real pity. Does popularity equal quality?
Candy Crush Saga is an overwhelmingly popular game . It's quite likely lots of your friends are playing and sharing their progress on Facebook, so we can't blame you for wanting a go.
That said, we think Candy Crush Saga is a whole lot of hype over nothing . The gameplay is cliched and overdone, the graphics are poor and the whole game looks second rate. If you're looking for a cute timewaster for iPhone , you can do much better. Changes
The latest update to Candy Crush Saga has added yet another 15 levels, taking the grand total up to 440. These levels come in the form of a new Dreamworld episode that has you visiting the Jiggly Gym.
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