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Asphalt 5 is the next phase in the street racing games for the iPhone. Asphalt 5 This free version gives you a taste of the high octane arcade races, with on snow covered track and two cars.
Asphalt 5 is visually impressive, and the track in this game looks great as you fly over jumps and slide round corners. The controls come in two flavors, auto acceleration or manual, with both having tilt steering. The steering works well, and after a bit of practice you can accurately slide into corners.
It isn't a realistic game for Asphalt 5 apk download at all, but works well as an arcade game. Asphalt 5 does suffer a bit in the sound stakes, with fairly generic music, and poor passing traffic effects. The main issue with any iPhone racer is why do it at all. The controls are good, but worse than on a traditional controller. However, if you want an arcade racer for your iPhone, Asphalt 5 is a good choice..
It looks great, has a great sense of speed and feels as close to a real arcade racer as you'll find on the iPhone. Give Asphalt 5 a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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