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Fly through the seasons
Including Halloween , Christmas , Valentine's Day and St. Angry Birds Seasons HD Patrick's Day , Spring , Easter , and Summer versions of the game too, Angry Birds Seasons HD plays exactly the same as the original. Take aim...and fire!
Your mission in Angry Birds Seasons HD is to destroy the pigs that are wedged in a series of elaborate constructions. You do this by aiming and catapulting your birds at the structure in order to smash it and hit the pigs.
The touch controls are easy to get to grips with and even very young gamers should have no problems figuring out what to do. Watch the birdie
The graphics in Angry Birds Seasons HD are up to the high standards we expect from Angry Birds games. Characters are bright and chirpy and the variety in the backgrounds of the various themes ensures you never get bored of looking at the game. The verdict
It's a shame the for Angry Birds Seasons HD apk download developer doesn't experiment even more with the gameplay as well as the graphics in these seasonal updates. That said, the difficulty of the levels in Angry Birds Seasons HD is enough to keep you distracted until the next update!
Angry Birds Seasons HD is a fun update to the popular series of games, and the latest winter-themed version is good, frosty fun. Changes
We addressed some minor issues in order to improve the user experience. Thanks for playing, and keep popping those pigs!
The most recent update to Angry Birds Seasons HD, has 25 frosty new levels, with one added per day of advent during the festive period of 2013. These latest levels are full of Christmas cheer, with different festive elements such as Christmas trees and candy canes livening up the gameplay and adding cool backdrops.
The icy waters add a new dimension to the gameplay, and will keep you challenged and entertained for quite some time.
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