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Moments is a photo storage and sharing app from Facebook. Moments It keeps your photos safe on a remote server, stores them the moment you take them with your camera, and provides a great way to both organize them and share them with your Facebook friends. Best of all, it's free and easy to use. Moment by moment, made faster
When you open the app up for the first time, it'll start going through the photos you've taken with your phone camera and sorting them for you. It'll also reassure you by saying that your photos won't be posted to Facebook without your permission , which is true (although the photos will be stored on Facebook's servers!). After all that's done, you can take more photos, or share them with friends.
Sharing is easy : just select a Facebook friend and it'll reach them via Messenger. Organizing photos is easy, too. The app actually does this automatically, by who's in them and where they were taken, but you can fine-tune things a bit more if that suits your fancy. Regardless of what you're doing with it, it's easy to use.
The only problem is that there's no way to edit photos . You can't even crop photos, or frame them, like you might in other photo apps. Integrated yet separate
There's no bones about it: Moments is made to be used with Facebook. The app was first created as a replace for Facebook's own synchronized photos, and even today, it functions at its best (some would for Moments apk download say at all) with the Facebook app installed and a healthy friends list.
Let's go over the features that integrate with Facebook: by default, the app scans photos with facial recognition to suggest who you should tag in a given photo. You can correct it, of course, but even this is accomplished by selecting the correct person from your Facebook friends list. Either way, that requires a healthy Facebook friends list. Finally, mobile sharing of photos – the big money feature – is focused around Messenger, another Facebook app.
Though Facebook's market share is undeniably higher than ever, and most people at least have Facebook accounts, some people weren't fond of Moments replacing Facebook's features, and there are people who aren't fond of a good app being married to a separate service like Facebook. Still, with other offerings like Google's Photos app, the situation is similar, so at the very least, this is nothing out of the ordinary. A great way to preserve moments past
Although it's missing some features, Facebook's photo-sharing app is all of the things that implies. It integrates with Facebook almost seamlessly , it lets you share photos easily and breezily, and it's an app, so you can take it with you or use it on your desktop both. If the lack of photo editing isn't a problem for you, or if most of the people in your life are on Facebook (not uncommon!), you might take a Moment to consider this app.
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