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Journy is an app which provides access to a personalised list of information based on a trip planned in advance. Journy It does this in a very simple way: after stating your travel date and destination, you fill out a short questionnaire to determine your budget, and before long, you have a concierge helping you. This concierge will communicate with you as needed, and ultimately put together a travel guide specifically for your trip! The Beauty Of Organization
Though in theory 'all' a Journy concierge provides is guides on what to do, which you can find yourself, the point of the app is to remove the need for you to do for Journy apk download so. The lists created by Journy concierges give you an idea, day by day, of what your best choicse for restaurants and places to visit are, based on tastes that you've shared with a real person. Convenience In An App
Basically, Journy combines the ever-ready convenience of online information with the personalised touch of meeting a travel planner, face-to-face. As long as you have your phone, you'll always know what to do, but the advice you receive is not impersonal and directed at droves of other travellers: it's made for you. This makes the app great for trips that you want to be very, very fun... and often, they should be.
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