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This official Google Maps app lets you see the most beautiful cities of the world and their iconic monuments from an on foot perspective – a Street View if you will. Google Street View All this without moving from your house or spending a single cent. Street View in your pocket
Street View offers the well-known functionality of Google Maps in app form. With it you can zoom in on a conventional map until you are in a first person view on a street of your choice. From here you can enjoy full 360 degree images of the chosen locale.
In addition to being able “to take a walk” in all the cities on Earth, Google Street View allows you to enter many of the more renowned buildings to enjoy the majesty of their interiors. Do your bit
To find places to visit in Google Street View you can navigate by the conventional map or enjoy Collections suggested by the app . This for Google Street View apk download second option can be useful if you want to be shown a specific city or area, and if you want to search locations by theme – such as “island paradise”.
Google Street View takes much of its content from contributors . So, while you may see those Google Cars cruising around with huge cameras on the roof, many of the panoramic images you see in the app come from users.
With this in mind, if you have something to contribute to Google Street View , the app lets you easily upload images. It even features a handy guide to create 360 panoramas. One touch later and the picture can be uploaded and shared with the whole Google community. For curious virtual travelers
Google Street View is an entertaining app that lets you virtually visit remote places and research other parts of the globe. Also, the ability to easily add your own pictures means that the image catalog will never stop growing.
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