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Filmborn can be used as a camera or an editor. Filmborn While some editing apps have dozens of filters, this free photo editing tool only has nine. Although there are only a few filters, each one is created to near perfection that match the look and feel of film stocks that are used by professionals. Features
The interface on Filmborn is busy, but each icon is a useful tool that will enhance your shooting experience. There are buttons you expect to find on a camera app, such as focus and flash. There is also a grid and horizontal and vertical level indicators. Settings include the aspect ratio and lens options. There are nine filters of film stocks including ones Fujifilm, Kodak and Ilford. To help you choose, the app provides information and for Filmborn apk download tips about each stock. In a way, Filmborn is also a great tool to educate users on photography and improving your skills. In conclusion...
Other great features include integration with your camera roll, which allows you to save shots and edits with ease. The editor is also amazing with the ability to switch stocks and manually adjust focus, white balance and exposure. There is also crop and skew and an excellent curves tool. If you want to edit a batch, you can copy and paste edits to multiple photos in your device?s library. Considering the quality of the product, Filmborn?s best feature it that it is free. Instead of looking like something that has been edited with a filter, this app creates stunning high quality results that look like film stock.
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