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Latest Version: 4.3.2
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Download the latest version of Duolingo Languages and Translation App for iPhone.

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Latest Duolingo App Download.
They say that learning a language requires effort and dedication, none of which sounds fun. Duolingo But in the modern world, some people are looking to make self-improvement fun , one example of which is Duolingo.
Duolingo can teach you any of 15 languages , from Spanish to Russian, with a variety of different exercises to help you memorizes concepts through repetition – all the while having fun. Language learning need not be dull
In Duolingo you will find lessons organized into a tree structure, all divided and branching by theme and vocabulary . Thus, as you progress through the levels, moving from one to the next, the app regularly revisits language further back down the branch to reinforce your memory.
Duolingo combines different activities to make this process fun - these include sentence building, listen to audio, translating for Duolingo apk download a sentence , and more. With each response you are told whether you are right or wrong, with a bar at the top of the screen telling you how close you are to completing the lesson.
To put your skills to practice, Duolingo lets you play against other people or against the AI in a quiz. The fastest, correct response wins, with questions all based on your level and knowledge. Step by Step
Duolingo is very intuitive. Each area is easily recognizable and navigable thanks to its clean, clear layout and simple menu at the base of the screen .
This means that whatever you need is accessible whenever you need it: words, writing text, activating an audio... all through the streamlined touch controls . Learn through play
Duolingo is an interesting way to learn while having fun . That said, I miss the more human component offered by apps like Busuu . Download and install iPhone app file on

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