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PokEvolver - Pokemon Go Trainers Toolkit- evolution calculator, pokemon location MAP coordinates, gym battle simulator, IV calculator

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There are hundreds of emoji keyboard apps out there, letting you add more variety to your emoji icons when you text or use other messenger apps. Bitmoji Finding one which suits you can be tricky, or even just finding one that’s not like the others. Fortunately, free apps like Bitmoji Keyboard are on the case! This app allows you to create an avatar and build your emojis from it , so they’ll be unique to you. This simple and clever idea really makes texting personal. Why this keyboard over all the rest?
Bitmoji Keyboard has the edge on many emoji apps because of its uniqueness. Rather than trying to compete in number of emojis -where admittedly this app falls way short- it focuses on giving you different, personalized emojis . The concept is surprisingly simple; the app lets you build an avatar from a series of face shapes, body types, hair and clothing. Then that avatar is posed in various ways to create the emojis, with each one starring you (or whoever you create). That way, you get to inject yourself into your messages . The app’s icons are fairly varied, from a flirty kiss to fist-bump for respect. You can insert these into any messaging app that supports emoticons. The number of attributes that let you personalize your avatar increase the variety further, so you can change up your hair or clothes if you get bored. You can have fun making the wildest or ugliest version of yourself! Optimized for Snapchat for Bitmoji apk download
Bitmoji Keyboard seems geared towards Snapchat , though it will work with other apps. This touches on a point of strong usability in that when you use the emojis on Snapchat, you unlock ‘friendmoji’ which lets you make 2-person Bitmojis. This doubles the number of fun poses and stickers you can come up with and adds a new layer of uses for the app. The integration with Snapchat has been boosted in recent updates, so that you can link your Bitmoji and Snapchat accounts, so your avatar appears in Snapchat automatically. Snapchat’s connect button will even let you make an instant Bitmoji account, so things have definitely been streamlined. The app is very easy to use in all other regards. When making your avatar, you have a straightforward scrolling menu for categories like hair and face, then a series of outlines which you can just tap to select. Accessories like glasses can also be added. Once saved, you will get a pre-made selection of stickers based on your avatar. A clever way to create variety
While Bitmoji Keyboard could stand to have more stickers, there’s still a lot of variety here thanks to the personalized nature of the avatars. This clever idea lets you become the star of your own emojis and the added function of 2-person emojis is great fun with friends. Though this keyboard is simple and won’t add a huge amount of icons to your collection, they are of high quality and feel unique and interesting.
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