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LINE Audition With YG
LINE Audition With YG

LINE Audition With YG   Description

◈ Game Intro ◈
- Debut of YG artists in game!
- Enjoy everything of YG Entertainment from artists’ music, dance, and even their stage outfits in game!
- Originator or rhythm dance game! Experience Audition’s identity!

▶ Variety of different game modes implemented throughout the stages!
- Enjoy the original YG Music in Shooting Star Mode, Lyrics Mode, and Original Modes.
- Collect variety of different rewards in more than 100 stages! (Music and stages will continued to be updated)

▶ Play couple dance mode with friends!
- Enjoy fun and exciting couple dance mode with your real friends or artist friends!
- Get rewards by competing against your friends on weekly basis.

▶ Create your own unit group with your favorite artists!
- GD, CL, Song Min Ho, and Lee Hi on the same stage?? Organize a unit group however you see fit!
- Create a unit group as desired and actually play them on the stage.

▶ Variety of different costumes
- coordinate your artist with outfits worn by Big Bang, 2NE1, WINNER, and iKON from Bang Bang Bang, Fantastic Baby, Looser, Fire, I am the Best, Come Back Home, Rhythm Ta and more.
- Coordinate YG artist with more than 1,000 costumes from Audition!

▶ Variety of different collectible items!
- Collect hidden YG artist contents that you have never seen before!
- Collect artist’s beloved daily items such as GD’s donut tube, Tae Yang’s rice cooker, Sandara’s hat, Lee Soo Hyun’s bunny doll and accessorize your character!
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