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Legend of Darkness
Legend of Darkness

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Half-auto offline RPG; Kill monsters to level up; Enhance, enchant and forge equipment; Massive instances, abyss and hidden BOSSes are ready to be challenged; Large numbers of divine weapons and special equipment; Very Easy to play.
●Hundreds of ways to enhance, enchant and forge equipment; Offline game with online RPG gameplay
●Abyss,Instances, Wings, Divine Weapon, Special Equipment
●No boring for Legend of Darkness apk download plot quests; Collect materials to forge equipment; Slay many kinds of BOSSes
●Rich instances, abyss; Enjoy the happiness of collecting dropped equipment
●Possess top quality divine weapons after defeating the most powerful monsters.
●Massive monsters; Normal->elite->mutated->??; The tougher the monsters are, the richer rewards they can grant; Hidden monsters will grant more generous rewards
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