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Crypterium Lite is a separate and independent product by the Crypterium team. Please note that this is not the Crypterium cryptobank! This is a light version of the service whose main functionality is limited to cryptocurrency transactions and everything related to them.

Thanks to Crypterium Lite, you will be able to send and receive cryptocurrency (specifically, Bitcoin and Ether) safely and effectively, view transaction history, make payments by reading or displaying QR codes. The app capabilities will continue to grow.

Crypterium Lite has a simple, user-friendly interface and takes up a minimal amount of space in your smartphone’s memory. The launch of the full-fledged Crypterium cryptobank (without the Lite prefix) is planned for the first half of 2018. Accounts in Crypterium and Crypterium Lite will always be mutually compatible; therefore, we are now inviting all CRPT tokenholders to register in the Crypterium Lite app!

Please e-mail all your questions and suggestions regarding our service to


Regular app updates:
- Improving performance and stability;
- Providing all current capabilities and functions;
- Fixing errors.

We recommend that you activate and not disable automatic app updates.
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