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Catch'em Monster (Unreleased)
Catch'em Monster (Unreleased)

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What's in the meadow? Look, a adorable monster's there. Catch it!
Welcome to the monster kindom. Challenges are waiting for you. You'll be able to breed the strongest monster and prove it against other players in PVP. Also, you'll travel around all the routes and towns with amazing polished game scenes.

-Collect over 2000+ monsters... It's with full joy of encountering new monsters anywhere or anytime. Breed your own personal customized monster by Tech Machines, Breakthrough, Strengthen ect.
-Strike out on the adventure and conquer various towns/gyms on the wide map.
-Face the real-time battle in the League, build up your own strategy to defeat the enemy
-Make new like-minded friends here and build the strong guild of the league for honor

Are you brave enough to become a Monster Master? Find out with Hey, Monster! and keep craving to the top of the monster kindom! Download today and start the fantastic journey now!
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