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히트 1.26.124704 APK com.nexon.hit by NEXON Company

히트 1.26.124704 APK Download

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5641 votes, 5 stars
히트 1.26.124704 APK requires for the download that your device have minimum Android system version 4.1.
Turn off AdBlock & Tracking Protection as
they may break downloading functionality!

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You will be redirected to an external website to complete the download.
If you encounter any issues with your download, please report link here.

What's New: 히트 apk download: 모바일을 넘어선 진정한 액션 RPG HIT, 폭군 잔트, 펫 초월 등 대규모 업데이트 진행! ▣ 신규 레이드 ‘사악한 지배자 잔트’ 등장 포악한 군주를 벌하라! ▣ to download 히트 apk latest 펫 합성/승급/초월/추출 기능 추가 원하는 펫을 더욱 더 강력하게 육성하라! ▣ 결정 강화 시스템 결정으로 문장 강화의 한계를 돌파하라! ▣ 그 외 편의 시스템 개선 연속 출석부 / 거점수비 편의기능 / 제작횟수 초기화

Reviews: 5 stars: 히트 apk download - New update but no 7 days reward and no phantusm island what are you doing developers your not even listening what's your players want please i have mentioned this so many times but your not taking this seriously i dont know what is going on with you guys please please concern this quickly please
5 stars: 히트 apk download - one of the best game...
5 stars: - Been playing it since it's release in December 2015. With every update the game just keeps getting better and better..
4 stars: - Mayan
3 stars: - 데스티니 차일드보단 재밌음
5 stars: - New update bu

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